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Check out the week's newest film releases and find out what our staff can't wait to see (or, in some cases, would choose to see if we absolutely had to). Click the posters for more info about each film.

Shelby and Matt are interested in...

"Despite the goofy title, my pick for this week is Juliet, Naked. Ever since I watched Before Sunrise I have been slightly in love with Ethan Hawke, and I'm pretty sure seeing him in the 'reclusive singer-songwriter' role may actually cause my heart to burst. The fact that the film is based on a Nick Hornby book and the director is also the former bassist for The Lemonheads is just icing on the cake" - Shelby

"I love Hornby, and Hawke's been doing interesting work for awhile now, so Juliet, Naked is definitely a possibility. I don't really think of him as a comedic actor, so the romantic comedy thing might not be a great fit, but I assume O'Dowd will do most of the heavy lifting there" - Matt

Also opening in theaters this week...


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