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Check out the week's newest film releases and find out what our staff can't wait to see (or, in some cases, would choose to see if we absolutely had to). Click the posters for more info about each film.

Shelby, Matt, and Ian all agree...

"Rather than taking my usual tie-breaking approach, my nomination for the week is the newest Spike Lee joint, BlacKkKlansman. That decision is based about 30% on Adam Driver, 30% on Spike Lee, and 40% on how John David Washington says "hwhite" in the trailer (as in, "with the right hwhite man we can do anything")." - Shelby

"I've watched a criminally small number of Spike Lee Joints (She's Gotta Have It, Mo' Better Blues, Bamboozled, Inside Man) but everything about this film sounds amazing to me. I've avoided looking up info about the true story it's based on, so I'm looking forward to going in and being surprised at how things play out." - Matt

"As enticing as a movie based on the Slender Man creepypasta that looks to be in the same vein as undeniable masterpieces The Snowman and Ouija sounds, I am going to go with BlacKkKlansman this week. Spike Lee's audacious and stylish voice always shakes things up, and this one seems to be a real winner. I am very excited for John David Washington's come up, and of course, you cannot go wrong with Adam Driver IMO. Although the amount of crime/heist/infiltration films has me a bit fatigued, the importance of this one and its auteur director will certainly make it worth the watch." - Ian

Also opening in theaters this week...

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