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Check out the week's newest film releases and find out what our staff can't wait to see (or, in some cases, would choose to see if we absolutely had to). Click the posters for more info about each film.

Matt and Shelby both recommend...

Matt: My pick for the week is Blindspotting. I caught the trailer a few weeks ago and was immediately intrigued by the tonal shifts from broad stoner comedy to tense socially-conscious drama. Plus, like Sorry to Bother You, this looks like it lines up well with my academic interests.

Shelby: My pick for the week is also Blindspotting. I will watch virtually anything with Daveed Diggs in it, plus I've heard good things from folks who were able to catch this film early at the Cinetopia Film Festival. My second recommendation would be to check out the surreal and fantastic Sorry to Bother You, which just started playing at Cinema Detroit yesterday. My anti-recommendation is the Mamma Mia sequel because of their incredibly annoying and pervasive ad campaign.

Also opening in theaters this week..

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