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Check out the week's newest film releases and find out what our staff can't wait to see (or, in some cases, would choose to see if we absolutely had to). Click the posters for more info about each film.

Shelby and Matt recommend...

"My suggestion for the week is Incredibles 2. I feel like I've been waiting half my life for this sequel (because I basically have been), and I'm super excited to see The Incredibles back in action." - Shelby

"Incredibles 2 is my pick, as well. While there isn't the same novelty in seeing a fun, superhero adventure as there was back in 2004 (the Marvel movies fill that demand for me most of the time) this looks to be an entertaining extension of the first film. The shift in focus from Mr. Incredible to Elastigirl, and an increased role for Jack Jack is welcome, as they were my two favorites from the first film." - Matt

Also opening in theaters this week...

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