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Check out the week's newest film releases and find out what our staff can't wait to see (or, in some cases, would choose to see if we absolutely had to). Click the posters for more info about each film.

Matt and Shelby pick...

"I've seen the trailer for Adrift so many times in the last few months that I feel like I've already seen the movie, so instead I'll go with Upgrade. It's always good to mix up the pop sci-fi action of summer with some old-fashioned dystopian sci-fi body horror, and Blumhouse seems to have become a fairly decent indicator of quality." - Matt

"I am also recommending Upgrade. Logan Marshall-Green gave a standout performance in The Invitation, and I have no doubt that he'll shine here, too. Although technophobe versus increasingly embodied and embedded tech isn't exactly a *new* angle for science fiction cinema, I'm optimistic that the combination of a relatively new director, Marshall-Green in a lead role, and the backing of Blumhouse (most famous for Jordan Peele's Get Out) will be worth watching." - Shelby

Also opening in theaters this week...

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