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  • Shelby Cadwell

2018 Conference Preview

In less than 48 hours, we will be kicking off our fourth annual conference: "Pop Culture in/as Speculative Resistance." This year, Kino Club is teaming up with two other Wayne State student orgs - the Comics Collective and the Video Game Scholarly Interest Group - to bring you an even bigger, better conference experience! As always, this conference and related events are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. So bring your colleagues, cousins, friends, and enemies - all are welcome in our resistance!

Although I encourage you to check out the FULL CONFERENCE PROGRAM for details, I'll give a rundown of the highlights:

If you're interested in PEDAGOGY, you should check out...

*Our Friday night screening of Get Out (Peele, 2017), to be followed by a roundtable discussion on using the film to teach about race, gender, class, policing, and much more

*A Sunday workshop, titled: "Revamp your ENG 101! How to Generate Critical Thinking through Speculative Texts"

If you're interested in IDENTITIES, you should check out...

*A Sunday panel on race and gender in comics and television (including Bitch Planet and Deep Space Nine)

*Our Sunday roundtable discussion on "Diversifying Comics," featuring comics authors, convention organizers, shop owners, and scholars!

If you're interested in COMICS, you should check out...

*The above-listed events AND Dr. Sheena Howard's keynote speech, "The Power of Speculative Fiction"

*Our optional post-conference group outing to see Black Panther

If you're interested in FAN STUDIES, you should check out...

*Dr. Chera Kee's Friday afternoon workshop on "Navigating Fandom"

*Our Saturday panel titled "Enacting Power: Fans, Fiction, and Piracy"

If you're interested in GAMING, you should check out...

*Drop-in retro games on Friday afternoon

*An interactive workshop on queer inclusivity in tabletop gaming on Saturday morning

If you're interested in CRAFTING and FIBER ARTS, you should check out...

*Dr. Radhika Gajjala's Saturday workshop: "Feminist Making: Techne and Episteme examined through hand-spinning"

If you're interested in EARLY MODERN LITERATURE, you should check out...

*"Stranger Things in Early Modern England: Popular Culture and Resistance" - a panel discussion organized by GEMS, the Group for Early Modern Studies

If you're interested in FREE FOOD, you should check out...

*Our THREE receptions - Jet's pizza on Friday night, a full conference reception on Saturday, and a coffee and pastry breakfast on Sunday!

If you're interested in K-POP and/or ANIME, you should check out...

*A Saturday panel discussion on K-Pop, Anime, and political resistance

If you're interested in PRO WRESTLING, you should check out...

*"Wrestling with the 'Real'" - a cleverly titled Saturday panel discussion

We hope that you'll be able to join us this weekend. If you can't be here in person, you can follow the action on our social media, where we will be live tweeting and streaming the events as they happen! #JoinTheResistance #PopCultureResistance2018

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