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Review: "Twin Peaks," Episodes 1-6

Title: Twin Peaks (2017)

Genre: TV Horror/Drama

Director: David Lynch

Stars (primary actors): Kyle MacLachlan, David Lynch, Miguel Ferrer, Laura Dern, Naomi Watts, Madchin Amick, Sheryl Lee, Dana Ashbrook, & so many more.

Bias: Being fond of the original two seasons that aired in the early 1990s, I was thrilled to learn of this continuation. As a die-hard fan of Lynch's work, I must confess that it would be strange were I not to enjoy this series. Dark humor. Americana. Weirdo supernatural stuff. Murder. What’s not to love?

Grade: A-

In a Nutshell: The story picks up approximately 25 years after the ending of Season 2, in line with Laura Palmer's statement that she would see Agent Cooper in the Black Lodge 25 years later. Most of the original cast have returned, though this new story finds some of them littered outside of Twin Peaks into areas such as the Black Hills of South Dakota, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia. In these first six episodes, the thrust of the story involves Agent Cooper's journey. As hinted at in the final episode of original series, his core persona was stuck in the waiting area of the other-worldly Black Lodge as his demonic Bob-controlled body ran criminally rampant in the world. As the “good” Coop finally escapes the Black Lodge and struggles to take his life back, nearly all the former and some newly introduced characters’ lives start to intertwine with his mysterious odyssey. Critique: This new season is intense and graphic. The zany charm of the community of Twin Peaks townsfolk has matured via the cruelty of time, and there is something melancholically believable about this—sad, beautiful, and honest. The acting, plot, and atmosphere are superb, though the meditative pacing and brutal violence may be off-putting to some viewers. Shout outs: Kyle MacLachlan amazingly comes off as two entirely different people in the Cooper roles. Team Albert-Cole keeps the humor lively. And…we finally get to meet DIANE!!!

Available on Showtime, Showtime-to-Go, & Hulu.

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