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Faculty Advisor
Dr. Chera Kee

Chera Kee is an Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies in the English Department at Wayne State University. She received her BA in Mass Communications and Asian Studies from Oklahoma City University. She has an AM from Harvard in Regional Studies—East Asia and an MA from USC in Critical Studies (Film). She earned her Ph.D. in Critical Studies from USC in 2011. Her essay on the zombie’s Haitian roots appears in the book the Evolution of the Zombie as Post-Human (Rutgers, 2011); her article on using zombies as stand-ins for bodies of color, “Good Girls Don’t Date Dead Boys: Toying with Miscegenation in Zombie Films,” appears in the December 2014 issue of the Journal of Popular Film and Television, and her book, Not Your Average Zombie: Performance, Identity, Rebellion and the Undead is forthcoming from the University of Texas Press (Aug. 2017).


Currently, Prof. Kee is the faculty advisor for Kino Club 313, Knit Lit, the Video Game Scholarly Interest Group and the Wayne State Comics Collective.



Shelby Cadwell

Shelby Cadwell is a Ph.D. student and graduate teaching assistant at Wayne State University. Shelby has received a BA in English with a focus in literature and culture, and an MA with a focus in film and media, both from Wayne State University. Her research interests include science fiction film and television, black speculative art, ecocriticism, and feminist film theory. Shelby has been a member of Kino Club 313 since 2014, when she became the group's treasurer. As of May 2016, Shelby has taken over the role of club president. Shelby is also a senior contributor as well as an editor for the Kino Club 313 blog. Her favorite film is Blade Runner, and her favorite TV show is Futurama.

Matt Linton

Matt Linton is pursuing a PhD in Film and Media Studies at Wayne State University. His primary interests are constructions and depictions of race in comics and films, biopolitics, and visual narratives. He has previously presented at Narrative, the UF Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels, and MPCA. He is also the President and co-founder of the Wayne State Comics Collective. Somehow, against his better judgment, Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World recently overtook Rear Window to become his favorite film.


Jose Guzman


Jose Guzman, Jr has a B.A in English Literature from Harvard University and has been a lifelong lover of cinema. His initial film tutelage came courtesy of renown film critics Gene SIskel and Roger Ebert and was completed when he married Chera Kee, Ph.D., who teaches film and media studies at Wayne State University’s English Department. Jose also enjoys watching and blogging about sports and was a recent champion on Sports Jeopardy with Dan Patrick.

Tristan Shaw

Tristan Shaw is a horror aficionado who blogs at, where he writes about creepy folklore, weird history, and unsolved crime.

Ian Waldie

Ian is a writer in his senior year at WSU. When he's not "attending class" or "studying" he is probably watchin' a tv series or movie. Hopefully he can make a career out of that, but who knows!? He enjoys the finer things in life, like the part of the pizza just before the crust, or a day when his cowlicks are under control. He loves SO many shows, but an early season episode of 30 Rock or The Office brings him the most joy and comfort in these #darktimes. You can view his entertainment blog at and his overall website at

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